Virtuozzo to Showcase New PaaS for WordPress and Hybrid Server Solutions at CloudFest 2022 – Web Hosting | Cloud Computing | Data center

Virtuozzo, the leading cloud service provider, today announced that it will preview two first-of-its-kind solutions at CloudFest 2022. These solutions are designed to help service providers bring modern cloud-based solutions to market. clouds that address long-ignored market needs.

Focused on platform as a service, Virtuozzo’s products are Virtuozzo Hybrid Server Lite and Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress. Framing their value proposition, Virtuozzo executives will share two keynotes to outline current industry trends and the landscape shaping these services. This session is the perfect opportunity for service providers to learn how they can increase their competitive positioning and grow their business by integrating and deploying new solutions. Interested participants can visit Virtuozzo, platinum sponsor of this session, at stand C01 at Europa-Park (March 22-24). Additionally, an on-site promotion offers service providers a six-month free license for key solutions featured here during the session.

Virtuozzo: the cloud accessible to all

Virtuozzo is a company that has evolved over the past few years to fill a polarizing void in the cloud enablement market. Most routes that leverage hyperscaler cloud or enterprise-centric platforms are typically inflexible, overly complex to manage, and prohibitively expensive. This disadvantages various businesses, especially SMEs. And that’s where Virtuozzo comes in.

“There was an inherent promise at the start that the cloud would be easy. Accessible to everyone. In reality, that’s not how things turned out,” noted Alex Fine, CEO, Virtuozzo. “Virtuozzo solves this problem through collaborative partnerships with service providers that allow them to become full-service alternative cloud providers.

Virtuozzo is a company that builds the most complete cloud platforms, designed specifically for service providers. The development of this infrastructure provides a broad portfolio of cloud services to service providers. It provides them with easy to use and manageable services that they can scale up or down as per their needs without much hassle.

Main presentations of Virtuozzo

The service provider landscape in 2022: where is the fruit at hand?

March 22 at 3:45 p.m. CET

Carlos Rego, Vice President of Strategic Development at Virtuozzo, talks about the rollercoaster ride that hosting providers, MSPs, and cloud providers have experienced over the past decade. He provides expert advice on what is happening in the industry and how service providers can plan to grow their businesses without taxing their operations too much.

WordPress Hosting? It’s time to grow up.

March 23 at 4:40 p.m. CET

In his second presentation, Carlos Rego is going to present a variety of revenue-generating opportunities to impact the $500 billion+ WordPress economy. With the ability to offer PaaS functionality through Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress, targeting critical WordPress sites, service providers can strengthen their business while supporting the modernization of a huge ecosystem that can be considered antiquated today. .

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