Use this Arma Reforger Windows Dedicated Server Tool (GUI) to build a server effortlessly

Instead of booking a pre-made hosting package, players can now easily create their own Arma Reforger server on Windows using a mouse and keyboard. All they need is a little knowledge. On GitHub, a developer has been working on a dedicated server tool that includes a graphical user interface, unlike the original server builder tool.

The GUI can be found below, allowing perfect server configuration without any additional difficulties. The program provides a .cfg generator, which saves creators time and effort. Have you always wanted to create your own Arma Reforge server but did not know exactly how? Well, now you can finally do it, without any extra effort.

Arma Reforger Dedicated Server Tool GUI

As shown in the image above, this allows for quick actions before server setup. It also supports mods, which can be added by clicking the button at the bottom right. The server tool allows you to save and load your configuration files, so you continue where you left off, including an automatic server restart tool based on creator input. Below are its official specs.

Features of Arma Reforge Dedicated Tool

Create Arma Reforger Dedicated Servers on Windows with this easy-to-use graphical tool!

  • Load and save server configuration files
  • Automatically schedule your server restart (interval minutes/hours/days)
  • Powerful mod management with the ability to import mods from saved configurations

Once created, it activates the server console and provides server overview and management. However, for this to work, make sure to download the ArmaReforger Server, which should be in your Steam library.

Arma Reforger Dedicated Server Tools Console

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