University of Alberta Hosts Free Virtual Lecture Series on Indigenous Law

Screenshot of the speaker series promotional poster (Image Credit/Indigenous Law Students’ Association)

The University of Alberta Law School and the Indigenous Law Students Association are hosting a free event to educate people about Indigenous law and the role it plays in today’s society.

A free event made up of several influential figures in Aboriginal law is offered to the public.

The University of Alberta Law School and the Native Law Students Association are set to relaunch the lecture series. During the virtual event, a panel of guest speakers will help share information regarding Indigenous law and its role in modern society.

The event takes place annually and involves a theme that special guests will cover over a week of two-hour presentations.

This year’s theme is “Coming Home: Bringing Children, Laws and Legal Traditions Home”.

In an interview with CFWE, event co-organizer Hero Laird said the event is designed to develop a better understanding of how topics are integrated into daily life while fostering a connection with people. Aboriginal youth who may be interested in pursuing a career in law.

“We want First Nations people to know they belong in law school,” she commented.

“They have their place in shaping Canadian law and in leading their communities with Indigenous law. The speakers we have are people doing this, and we hope people will be connected and inspired to pursue their dreams and do more work in this area.

On Friday, there will be musical performances from several additional special guests, including Rocky Morin and Vanessa Kim Beaudry, to wrap up the event.

Laird said having the drums and musicians perform at the end of the speaker series is the perfect way to close the deal.

“They will end with a song of honor. This is to honor not only our speakers, but to honor everyone who took time out of their day to listen, join, and learn. It’s a bit like a ceremony in itself.

The first speaker for the event is scheduled to begin Monday, February 28 at noon. New programming is expected to take place every day thereafter until the series wraps up on Friday, March 4 at 3 p.m.

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