Ubuntu update causes server downtime on Microsoft Azure

Ubuntu developers released a fix Tuesday morning for a core component, systemd, that caused problems for servers hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

The problem was reported by South African Ubuntu user “Pieter” (aka “diepes”) just before 07:00 on Tuesday.

According to the report, updating systemd to version 237–3ubuntu10.54 broke Domain Name System (DNS) functionality, causing connectivity issues for Azure VMs.

Microsoft confirmed the problem, stating that the reports are limited to Ubuntu 18.04 servers.

Although Ubuntu 18.04 is an older version of the popular Linux-based operating system, it enjoys Long Term Support (LTS) status.

Canonicals standard support window for Ubuntu 18.04 ends in April 2023. It reaches end of life in April 2028.

“If you are not experiencing an impact to your Ubuntu 18.04 images, but have Unattended Security Updates enabled, we recommend reviewing this setting until the Ubuntu issue is mitigated,” Microsoft advised. .

The Ubuntu community has released several suggested fixes to the problem on the operating system. bug tracker.

At 1:15 p.m., Ubuntu Core Developer Iain Lane job that it removed the update and restored the versions that were there before.

“This won’t help anyone who has already received the broken update – I think the advice is to reboot, or there is a workaround in the [original post] here – but that should prevent any further occurrences,” Lane said.

“Note that there will be a delay of up to an hour or so for mirrors to receive the deletion.”

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