Top Rated Dedicated Server Hosting Service Providers In India 2021

Dedicated server hosting is an internet hosting option in which a physical server (or servers) is dedicated to a single business client. The dedicated server host provides the physical server and environment, associated services and technical support. Dedicated managed servers are generally more expensive.

Dedicated server hosting stands for Dedicated Server Service, Managed Hosting Service, and Dedicated Server. Dedicated server plans are ideal for large organizations or websites with much higher traffic. Dedicated server plans also come in managed and unmanaged forms where the hosting center can manage the server for the client in the event of a problem.

Here is a compiled list of Top Dedicated Server Hosting Service Providers In India 2021.

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting solutions companies. Since its founding in 2003, Bluehost has continually innovated new ways to fulfill its mission: to empower people to take full advantage of the web. They provide comprehensive tools to millions of users around the world so that everyone, novice or professional, can access the web and thrive with its dedicated web hosting and server hosting packages.

What makes Bluehost the best for most users is the rich feature set they offer, giving you more options than most providers. Advanced features at the base price level make Bluehost the choice for superior quality and value. You can fully control the server with an unmanaged plan. You can even include multi-server management for additional hosting services on your existing account, making Bluehost a flexible provider for any online business.

2. GoDaddy

godaddy announces global launch of cloud servers & cloud applications

GoDaddy is perfect for you or your team when you want full control over the Dedicated Server without anything getting in the way. They allow you to optimize the server for speed, security, and heavy web applications. You can also manage server clusters and big data as well as all your backup and storage needs according to your needs. Full root access allows you to customize every part of your dedicated server. This is a massive feature because some vendors restrict the customizations you can make to the server.

3. AccuWeb hosting

accuweb hosting - 2020 review - pcmag france is an experienced web hosting company based in the United States. has been providing world-class dedicated server hosting and Windows hosting solutions to the global community for nearly a decade. Proud of providing innovative technology coupled with top-notch customer service, this credo has enabled not only them, but their customers to experience success and substantial growth. They have successfully hosted over 25,000 domains and over 10,000 VPS on our servers.

It is vitally important that AccuWeb customers are hosted on the latest technology. AccuWeb’s infrastructure is based solely on industry best practices. The offerings are built around technology, hardware, and software that you can really trust.

4. Host winds

Hostwinds web hosting - review 2021 - pcmag france

Hostwinds LLC is a Tulsa-founded, Seattle-based web hosting company that aims to define itself as the largest provider of web hosting and web related services. These services are specially designed to meet the needs of each client. Thanks to the diligence of this support team, Hostwinds can boast of a response time of 5 minutes and participating in live chats 24/7/365 to resolve any issues. problems or questions that customers may have.

In addition to providing exceptional customer service, the products they offer are among the latest and most advanced in the industry. These products include Dedicated Server Hosting, Shared Server Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Cloud Server Hosting and Dedicated Servers at low prices. These dedicated servers and other servers are collocated; located in the Infomart data center in Dallas, Texas.

5. A2 Hosting

A2 web hosting review |  pcmag

From monitoring a few sites for a few friends and family to hosting thousands of top-rated websites, the business has seen tremendous growth. From a simple shared web hosting offering to a complete and fully scalable product line including reseller, VPS and dedicated server solutions.

Over the years, many customers have told A2 that they wish they had found them sooner. A2 hosting is the standard for fast and efficient hosting. For years they have racked up awards and testimonials for incredible performances. A2 not only has fast servers, but they also complement it with a solid infrastructure that keeps your website running smoothly.

Another reason A2 Hosting is a top choice for dedicated server hosting is its flexibility. Whatever type of dedicated server plan you are looking for, A2 has an option for you. You can manage your server or have them done for you.

6. DreamHost

dreamhost web hosting - review 2020 - pcmag france

DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based dedicated server, web hosting provider, and domain name registrar. DreamHost’s shared, VPS, and Dedicated server hosting network consists of Apache, Nginx, and Lighttpd web servers running on the Ubuntu operating system. DreamHost also offers cloud computing and storage services for entrepreneurs and developers, launched in 2012. The control panel for users to manage all services is a custom application designed in-house and includes built-in billing and a support ticket system.

DreamHost staff contribute an official blog and customer support wiki.
DreamHost does not offer over-the-phone phone support, but customers may pay extra to request callbacks from support staff. In addition, a live chat option is available for all accounts when the level of support emails is low. This option is still available for customers who are already paying the monthly fee for reminders. The company hosts over a million domains.

7. In motion

inmotion hosting |

This provider is not joking with its dedicated server options. InMotion’s “entry-level” Essential plan gives you 16GB of memory, 15TB of data transfer, a 1TB primary solid-state drive, five dedicated IP addresses, and four processor cores with eight threads. You can even fall back on the customizable Bare Metal package, which can go up to 1TB of memory with up to 50TB of primary disk space, up to 25TB of monthly transfers, clock speeds of 3 , 2 GHz, 15 IP addresses and Suite.

It’s the big league of hosting dedicated servers without just owning your farm. InMotion can accommodate the most demanding websites in terms of traffic, content, and speed. The performance and resources you get in InMotion’s dedicated hosting plans are top of the line. The value of having a stable and capable host like this is immense, especially since you can focus on continued growth with your site running smoothly.