Top 5 Minecraft Server Hosting Sites in 2022

Online servers allow players and their friends to play together and share Minecraft experiences. Many server hosting websites are available for this purpose and allow players or groups to set up their own Minecraft servers online.

Servers also allow for a variety of customization options, from controlling mob spawn rates and item spawn rates to controls and limiting the number of players. The article lists some of the best and latest websites for hosting Minecraft servers.

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5 Best Websites to Host Minecraft Servers (Paid and Free)

5) Apex Hosting (Paid)

Apex Hosting is one of the most popular server hosting websites. With a total of 200,000 servers hosted to date, the company has proven that its server performance is unmatched. Apex Hosting offers seven different plans based on RAM capacity and offers features such as 24/7 staff support, low latency and support for all game modes, plugins and mini-games.

4) Shockbyte (paid)

Shockbyte is another paid server hosting service that offers a ton of different features and 12 different plans. The website activates a server immediately after signing up, while many other websites can make hosts wait. Moreover, the website guarantees DDOS protection and 100% uptime, which means that its servers will never go down.

3) Host (paid)

Hostinger is a paid server hosting service that focuses on convenience and a hassle-free gaming experience. With low and affordable prices and good discounts, it is a worthy contender for the best server hosting website. Some features it offers are DDOS protection, its Multicraft panel to help players set up their servers in no time, and a reliable backup system.

2) (Free)

This website is a great free alternative for gamers who don’t need a lot of resources or players and are willing to use a plan with one gigabyte of RAM. Although some lag may appear when playing on their free servers, the experience is largely smooth and uninterrupted.

1) Aternos (Free)

Aternos is a free server hosting service that provides fast server setup and has always been free. Tons of customization options are available, with whitelists, game modes, plugins, updated versions of the game, and more. Players can copy their personal worlds and also use them to host a server.

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