The museum organizes a week of climate advocacy events

The Natural History Museum organizes a week of free events to engage and invest young people in climate-related issues. It is clear how important it is to involve young people in discussions and advocacy, and that is exactly what Generation Hope: Acting for the Planet aims to do. They want to “create informed, confident, and motivated advocates to make sound decisions, get involved, and use their influence and actions to drive positive change for the future of the planet.”

What exactly is Generation Hope?

Generation Hope is a week of events ranging from September 12-16. A multitude of panels, workshops and conferences will be offered, aimed at participants aged 16 to 25. The events, created in partnership with young activists around the world, aim to be accessible and accessible. Whether you’re just thinking about getting involved or are already engaged in the issues, you’re sure to get something out of events. Maybe you want to better understand the science behind the climate crisis? Maybe you are looking for tools to better manage eco-anxiety? Or maybe you want to meet like-minded people? All this is offered, and much more. There’s a Generation Hope event for everyone. And with events available online and in person, anyone who wants to take action for the planet can participate.

Credit: Natural History Museum

Conor O’Keeffe, the creative producer of Generation Hope at the Natural History Museum said:

Only by connecting with each other, bridging gaps and forming communities can we secure a future where people and planet thrive. By the end of the week, we hope everyone involved can take action, whether it’s following a new connection or speaking out for nature.

All Generation Hope: Act for the Planet events are free, but due to limited seating, ticket reservations are required. Head to the website to view the full list of available events and reserve your spot.