The Canadiens host an NHL Draft viewing party on the big screen

The 2021-2022 season for the Montreal Canadiens has been long and trying for the team’s fans. We die-hard fans would watch all 82 regular season games no matter what.

However, it was a little more difficult than usual last season. We all knew the team was a long way from making the playoffs after five games and at the end of a month of regular season play, there was no way the Canadiens were heading to the playoffs of 2022.

From there, you obviously cheer for the team, but you also know the reality of the situation and start taking a look at the NHL draft guides and draft simulations much earlier than other seasons. With a special player like Shane Wright available in the 2022 NHL Draft, you kind of start dreaming of adding that first pick to the total well before Christmas.

Well, now you can celebrate that first overall pick with other die-hard Canadiens fans. The Canadiens are hosting the NHL Draft at the Bell Center, but there are over 22,000 Canadiens fans who want to watch the draft. So, for those who couldn’t get tickets to be inside the building, the team is also hosting a viewing party just outside.

Outside the Bell Centre, on Place des Canadiens, on July 7 from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., there will be an evening of viewing on a giant screen. Habs fans are invited to hang out and watch the draft with thousands of other Habs fans.

Yippee! going to be there to hang out and meet fans. Steve Bégin and Gilbert Delorme will be signing autographs, there will be a DJ blasting music and there will also be food and drink carts on site. Most importantly, the event is completely free.

After things have been shut down for so long, an outdoor event full of Canadiens fans cheering on the No. 1 overall pick seems unbelievable.

If you want to watch the NHL Draft with lots of other die-hard Canadiens fans, this is the event to attend. The NHL Draft will be played live on the big screen as the Canadiens announce the first overall selection.

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