Premier Email Hosting Services at Pocket-Size Prices with Tizzy Cloud Email Service

March 31, 2022 6:44 p.m. STI

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], March 31 (ANI/PNN): In a world where WhatsApp and Snapchat streams follow one another, email remains the classic and essential tool for businesses to grow and prosper. Using just any mail for your business does not show your audience how genuine the business is or how serious you are about your customers. Hop on the bandwagon, or rather a queued business etiquette line and receive an email that reads your brand name and is hassle-free. “Emails can be boring, but they won’t be anymore,” say employees of one of India’s leading cloud email hosting companies, Tizzy.
Tizzy Cloud Computing Private Limited is a Cloud Premier email hosting company your business needs to get everything in order. It was incorporated on April 12, 2018 and has been successful ever since. These many years of tried and tested experience of Tizzy Mail are, in themselves, its best testimony. They offer all kinds of services, from sorting your mail to making sure you get your mail, keeping your inbox free of spam and phishing scams, sending emails faster than any other service and having the fastest IMAP mail synchronization, even for mailboxes of 25 GB and more. – all this at unbeatable prices. Tizzy has the lowest price in the history of the business cloud email hosting industry. You can get Tizzy Mail for just Rs 100/user/year for a 5GB mailbox. It has super easy and fast activation, setup and migration. So if you’re worried that you already have an old one, no worries, you can transfer to the new Tizzy hassle-free with the guarantee of not losing any emails in the process.
There are already so many businesses and customers who use Tizzy and have almost no complaints. With Tizzy, you are insured, no fuss, no negligence, no nonsense. Setting them up is so easy. Even a baby could do it. We could sing heaps of praise about the facilities they have.

Starting with their massive storage of up to 50GB of mail and up to 50GB of attachments. They also have a handy 30-day backup feature. Now with Tizzy, you won’t have to get upset anymore. You can say goodbye to DNS warnings and enjoy a smooth experience.
This is a company you can entrust with your information and your mail. Their cloud email service turns out to be the best on the market. They have their data center located in Mumbai and are ready to help you with anything at any time, but they are proud that it hasn’t come to that since their cloud email service has worked so well all along. They guarantee better performance than others because they do not use an on-site server for the same work. Your business can become and present itself as legit now just by using its messaging cloud. Let the cloud take the bulk of the email while you take care of important tasks. Get Tizzy now!
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