Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling Club Hosts Freestyle Event

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. This is why it is called the present.

It’s been a crazy week, I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Residues from collegial duals

Arizona Wrestler is a new channel on the Rokfin ($) platform. I don’t know the person behind the account yet, but he recently posted two interesting interview videos. Aside from the insistence on referring to the state of Arizona as “Arizona” and the Collegiate Duals as “National Duals”, they were very good interviews.

here is one ($) with Arizona State Head Coach Zeke Jones, ahead of the Penn State duel, in which Jones goes through every weight of the game in a calm and confident manner:

You know, to recap yesterday, you know, I liked the way we struggled, obviously. You know, fighting Virginia Tech in that last duel and having the opportunity to compete, you know, a few times we really showed where we are at. We went 17 and three the day I think we struggled, well scored a lot of points. I spent a lot of time riding which I really liked.

I think you know, as we look forward to tomorrow, you know, obviously we have Penn State, you know, winner of a lot of national championships. These guys know how to fight, they have four national champions in their lineup and six other guys who are really good. You know, I think if you’re kind of looking for a glimpse of what doubles is like – I think it’s going to be a double bonus point encounter, you know, it might be 5-5; 6-4. And I think we have to be able to handle the bonus points on both sides, whether we’re in a position to get one or not give up one.

This one ($), with assistant coach Lee Pritts, after the Penn State duel, just reveals How? ‘Or’ What confident the Sun Devils were before facing Penn State.

Wrestling from A to Z:

So what do you think Arizona needed to do differently as a whole to get a different result against Penn State?

Lee Pritts:

Yes, and I haven’t really watched the video yet. So it’s number one. I haven’t watched the video. But I can tell you my feelings before is that I was a little worried because … I don’t even know I want to say it out loud. But I thought they thought it was going to be easy. To the right? Because we fought well, didn’t we? They fought well. And the day before I know the message was, hey, these teams are going to fight you, these teams are coming to fight and be ready, you know, be ready for Hofstra you know, I don’t know what they got now, but I know they started the year off with, you know, five or six guys who were nationally ranked. And I said, guys don’t think you’re not gonna do the best you can. You get their best. And the same with (Va) Tech. You know, we knew we were gonna do the best we could and our guys came out and beat them up. They felt like – and it wasn’t easy – but they felt like it was at the end because you know there was a pretty big margin in the score. So I think they thought it was easy, and I think it was the mindset that we kind of gave up on, and I thought it was going to be easy the next day, even though we know that they are not, but I think they were a bit small. I think we need to be a bit more vigilant before this game. Ready to get punched in the mouth a little more. You know.


I think we all pretty much all knew that the bonus points were going to be the deciding factor, as Jones said above. And as I said last week about the PSU victory, “The team finished with 7 wins, 5 of which were by Bonus, and won the battle against the takedown 21-12. It was a fantastic victory. and perhaps surprisingly dominant against a strong and hopeful Sun Devil side.

If we were surprised with the 7 wins and the score of 21-12, imagine the Arizona State wrestlers struggling so well they might have thought beating Penn State could be easy?

Before anyone dunks too hard on Sparky out there, remember that Coach Pritts was really hesitant to share this part. Thanks for the franchise, Coach and AZ Wrestling for sharing it with us.

Matmen tournament

Following the Midlands cancellation, a few experienced wrestlers poured their minds and efforts into a replacement tournament that went rather well and hosted many teams that Penn State was not scheduled to face before the playoffs. Pitt, adjacent to Geography, won the tag team title.

For the scores of the teams, let’s move on to our new friend Tournaflex, whose praises I will not stop singing, especially when they deliver these beautiful breakouts to us!

Via Tournaflex

Penn State’s Big Ten schedule this year has the absent Wisconsin, Illinois and Purdue Lions, all of which finished in the Top 10. Check out Wiscy’s 24 bonus points (with 8 athletes), 6.5 out of more than the second-place bonuser, Rutgers. Awesome demonstration of the Boys from Coach Reader.

We’ve all been pretty busy this week doing IRL stuff, but BSD Wrestle’s Frank O’Brien at least took some time to recap:

I didn’t just look at what’s in the supports. If you’ve watched any, tell us what you saw.

Looks like Illinois, Wisconsin, Rutgers and Pitt, among others, had most of their starters compete.

Carter Bailey, Lehigh, I believe he’s in a red shirt, pinned Sammy Alvarez at 133, then lost to Mickey Phillippi in the semifinals. Byrd, Illinois defeated Phillippi in the final.

Sebastian Rivera rolled the field to 141, TF Pin Major TF.

Harvard’s Conigliaro defeated Pitt’s Wentzel 1-0 in the 165 semifinal, then lost by TF to Wiscy’s Hamiti in the final. Wentzel came back to take 3rd place.

Edmond Ruth, alone, beat the peloton at 174.

Mark Hall and Miles Amine qualified for the 184 final. Amine ultimately beats Hall, 4-2.

New Rutgers 197 Greg Bulsak probably had the best day of the tournament today. He beat Braxton Amos in the semi-final and then Nino Bonaccorsi in the final. Bonaccorsi came second by Intermat.

Other Matmen recaps

The Illinois Wrestling Blog and Forum

I’m brand new to this guy, Greg German, but many Penn State fans might get comfortable with his brand of Iowa disgust. Link navigates to a very blogging recap, with tons of technical content. Enjoy.

The link

Mark Hall now retired from Folkstyle:

Cinci football coach Luke Fickell’s defeats still haunt him:

“The thing about wrestling is that it’s not just about the best athlete or the most talented guy,” Fickell said recently. “He’s really the most dedicated, hard-working guy who’s going to be the best in the long run. Guys who rub their butt and work their craft, they have a chance to be better than some of the others.

2022 Southern Riot

A few weeks ago, Casey Cunningham told us that Penn State would be sending a few athletes to the Scuffle, some tied up and some not. Now we know who they are:

Thanks, Franck. Your contributions remain powerful.

Brawl links

List of presets Flo, on Flo (Free).

Flo Hub, with 3 free links to previews (Spey, Rader & Kozak).

Intermat (Earl) preview on Rokfin ($)

Let’s fight on Twitter

Kudos to Pierson Manville, younger brother of current Penn Stater Mason Manville and Mac Stout, younger brother of former Penn Stater Kellan Stout, for carrying on the family tradition of winning the Powerade Tourney.

This photo reminds me of my easiest New Years 2022 resolution – to spend more time with my brothers! We start next Friday, when Penn State travels to College Park to fight pandemic-ready Maryland.

It’s all for this week. Hope to see you back here next week!

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