OVHcloud, the best dedicated server provider on the market

Managing multiple websites or large, high-traffic websites on a normal hosting plan can be a huge challenge as your business grows. It’s also important to upgrade when you experience extended downtime or because it has a significant impact on your business. A dedicated server is a type of web hosting where your business has its own server and does not compete with others for traffic.

This enhanced service comes at a higher price. Therefore, there are several factors you need to consider before switching to a dedicated server to ensure that it is the best option for your business. Indeed, getting resources fully dedicated to your site eliminates downtime and bottlenecks.

While there are many dedicated server hosts on the market, OVHcloud is positioned as the best host. This article reviews what a dedicated server is and how much it costs to upgrade.

Is Dedicated Hosting Worth It?

A dedicated server offers advanced features, so the price is much higher than other hosting plans. In fact, a dedicated server is the most expensive hosting method. However, it is definitely worth it as it gives you full control and is highly customizable.

Other benefits include:

Dedicated resources: Hosting gives you exclusive server resources such as disk space, CPU usage, bandwidth, and RAM. This eliminates risks such as network congestion, occasional outages, frequent downtime, etc.

Enhanced Website Security: A dedicated server allows you to customize your security settings. You can limit administrator access, configure new firewalls, use a preferred malware protection program, install an intrusion detection system (IDS), and much more.

Fast charging speed: A dedicated server is much faster than a shared server. Your website will likely rank higher in search results when it’s faster. Additionally, speed has a huge impact on your results as it affects conversion rates.

How much does a dedicated server cost?

OVHcloud offers hosting, server and cloud computing solutions. You can take advantage of its experience and expertise in bare metal servers and choose a dedicated server from its wide range of servers.

Here are the prices of its dedicated servers.

a) Rise Dedicated Servers to PLN215.80

These are the most affordable servers and suitable for most applications.


  • Up to 128 GB of memory
  • 90% ALS
  • 500 MB of public network bandwidth

b) Advanced Dedicated Servers at PLN318.47

They are versatile servers for SMEs.


  • Up to 1 TB of memory
  • 95% ALS
  • 1 to 5 GB of public network bandwidth
  • 1 to 6 GB of bandwidth to the private network
  • Aggregation of OVHcloud links

vs) Scale dedicated servers to PLN1,554.01

These servers are designed for complex and highly resilient infrastructures.


  • Up to 1.5 TB of memory
  • 99% ALS
  • Dual feed
  • 1 to 10 GB of public network bandwidth
  • 6-25 GB bandwidth to private network
  • Aggregation of OVHcloud links

D) High quality dedicated servers at PLN2,862.68

They are the most efficient and optimized servers for critical workloads.


  • Up to 2 TB of memory
  • 99% ALS
  • Dual feed
  • Replacing disks via Hot Swap
  • 1 to 10 GB of public network bandwidth
  • 10-50 GB bandwidth to private network
  • Aggregation of OVHcloud links

You can save a lot more with OVHcloud dedicated servers. Contact them for more information.