Northstar ‘Titanfall 2’ mod appears to fix game’s server issues

For some reason, Respawn Entertainment has become somewhat infamous among gamers for rampant server issues across all of its titles. DDoS attacks and hackers plagued Titanfall 1 and Fall of the Titans 2. And Respawn’s battle royale shooter Apex Legends is also no stranger to server crashes. Mountain peak players struggled with unplayable servers at the start of new seasons and suffered from DDoS attacks in high-level games.

Like TF1 and TF2 players begged Respawn for help, some maliciously chose to attack Mountain peak out of pure malice. Others started troubleshooting TF2‘s server issues – and a “Northstar” mod appears to offer a solution to the game’s lingering issues in the form of custom player-hosted servers.

In recent weeks, the Northstar mod for Titanfall 2 has been released for PC gamers, promising the end of TF2 DDoS attacks and matchmaking delay. The mod works by hosting custom servers that aren’t connected to official Respawn servers, so DDoS attackers can’t find them (easily).

As a player Save_Titanfall explains on Twitter, “Private games that are not on the master server will be impossible to locate and crash” with the Northstar mod. DDoS attackers could still theoretically find the new servers, but they would have to search for players’ IP addresses first.

Player-hosted servers, also known as “dedicated servers”, can be hosted by players themselves or rented by players as a safer alternative to corrupt main servers. There seems to be a huge demand for dedicated servers, as a quick Google search will show you many providers offering server hosting – for a fee.

It is not known whether the Northstar mod “will save Fall of the titans”, but it could certainly bring some relief to frustrated PC gamers.