NM Museum of Natural History and Science Hosting Special Exhibits, Now Open Mondays

Narrator Chris Evans with Henry, an avalanche rescue dog and one of the five star canines in the movie ‘Superpower Dogs’. (Courtesy of Reed Smoot for Cosmic Picture)

Mondays are made for fun at the museum.

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science will open on Mondays beginning Monday, February 7.

The new schedule will be 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Monday.

According to museum officials, visitors to the Old Town Museum can experience two special exhibits – “Dogs! A Science Tail,” a highly interactive, family-friendly dive into the remarkably successful relationship between man and dog, and ” Mars: Science and Culture,” featuring unforgettable images taken by exploration spacecraft during the development of our understanding of the Red Planet.

The film “Superpower Dogs” is screened in conjunction with the new dog exhibit.

The film is narrated by Chris Evans, who is a dog lover.

“I’m really happy to be a part of ‘Superpower Dogs,'” Evans said in a statement. “I am a proud dog owner and completely understand the bond humans have with these remarkable animals. I love how this movie spotlights amazing working dogs who use their actual superpowers to help and protect people.

“Superpower Dogs” follows six working dogs from around the world, and their human partners, as they brave earthquakes and avalanches, protect endangered species such as rhinos and elephants, and transform the lives of people with special needs.

The stars of the film are:

• Halo – rookie pup training to join one of America’s most elite disaster response teams.

• Henry – an avalanche rescue expert saving lives in the mountains of British Columbia.

• Reef – a Newfoundland lifeguard with the Italian Coast Guard.

• Ricochet – a California surf and therapy legend who treats people with special needs.

• Tipper and Tony – sleuth brothers leading the fight to save endangered species in Africa.

The film will screen at 4 p.m. Wednesday through Monday at the Verus Research DynaTheater.

Learn more about the films at naturalhistoryfoundation.org/dynatheater.

The general museum admission cost is $8 for adults, $7 for seniors 60 and older, $7 for youth 13-17, and $5 for children 3-12. while admission is free for children 2 and under. New Mexico host families are always admitted free.

Tickets for DynaTheater or Planetarium only are $7 for adults, $6 for seniors, $4 for children, and free for ages 2 and under. Combination tickets are also available for purchase at the museum. Foundation members receive a 30% discount on DynaTheater and Planetarium tickets, which must be purchased at the admissions office.

For visitors who only view museum exhibits, purchasing tickets online at nmnaturalhistory.org is strongly encouraged to facilitate efficient entry into the museum and minimize face-to-face contact. All visitors aged 2 and over must wear a face covering inside the museum.