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New World fans can download a brand new update for Amazon RPG. The latest New World update brings a whole host of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, fixing some of the big issues caused by the latest patch. This includes the number of particles falling from elemental enemies. Amazon explains further, “We have also removed Elemental Motes as rewards for collecting elemental creatures and reduced the amount of other resources acquired from them to account for the number of them in the world and how often. they reappear. “

The only downside to the latest update is the server downtime, although the game appears to be back online. Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on the state of the server, as Amazon occasionally takes the game offline for further maintenance. Express Online will keep this story up to date with all the latest developments.

As for the rest of the patch notes, the latest New World update fixes an issue with missing horticultural harvesting equipment. This caused players to lose their gear incorrectly. Amazon also fixes issues with crafts, housing, commerce, and servers. You can see the full list of New World patch notes below.

Motes of elemental enemies:

• Fixed an issue causing a large number of elemental enemy grains to drop.

– We have also removed Elemental Motes as a reward for collecting elemental creatures and reduced the amount of other resources acquired through them to account for the number of them in the world and how often they respawn.

– The initial intention with these creatures was to make them difficult and infrequent encounters in the world.

– The way we used them in practice made them less dangerous and more frequent, resulting in an imbalance with the amount of resources they provided, compared to primary sources such as plants and elemental stones .


– In our last update, we made a mistake by treating all levels of the horticultural harvesting equipment in the game as future content and unintentionally removing them from the game.

– We apologize for this bug which caused you to lose some items that you legitimately won.

– If you have lost a piece of Acquired Harvester Armor, you should have an additional Reward Chest in your inventory after this update.

– These reward chests contain a full set of Horticulturist armor provided at the highest level that you have personally acquired in the past for any part of the Harvester set.

– They also roll at maximum gear score for that level and will be usable at any level to ensure you can equip them.

– These items are marked as gear bound just like any piece of reaper armor you would normally encounter. Once the chest is open, it will provide you with 5 items:

– Harvester’s hat

– Harvester shirt

– Harvester gloves

– Harvester pants

– Harvester shoes


• Reactivation of trade, movement and recovery of furnishings / housing


• Fixed a bug where jewelry crafting recipes were not granting enough Trade Skill XP

– Recently, we reduced the amount of Trade Skill XP provided by lower level items when a player reaches a new level of Crafting Bases per Skill.

– To use metal as an example, when a player unlocks steel recipes, they earn less by crafting iron recipes.

– We’ve done this to focus on crafting higher level items as you progress in trading skills and also to improve the value of higher level materials.

– Our intention behind this change is to reward players for crafting higher level items as they progress through the ranks of each trade skill.

– Prior to this change, we found that players were spending too much time crafting low level items instead of increasing their crafting skills that they could actually use at their current level.


• Fixed an issue where players could not complete purchase orders from local storage sheds


• Technical basis for server mergers

• War performance improvements


• Void Gauntlet – Fixed Oblivion not going on cooldown if the player swapped weapons while starting the skill

• Void Gauntlet – Fixed status effects of consumables cleaned by Oblivion

• Fixed an issue that prevented Jewelery from awarding appropriate amounts of XP for higher level professions

• Fixed an issue preventing players from obtaining the Lumberjack achievement