New MLBB Hero Joy revealed on Advanced Server

A new hero named Joy has been revealed on the advanced Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) server. The new hero is a member of the Leonin, similar to other heroes like Nana and Harith. The abilities of the new Mage-Assassin hero have also been revealed by data miners. Classified as a Mage-Assassin, new hero MLBB Joy’s abilities focus on dance and music. She boasts high mobility with crowd control immunity and blinking abilities. The new hero is currently being tested on MLBB’s advanced server and may receive gameplay changes before its release on the regular server.

What we know about new hero MLBB Joy

Thanks to a video posted by Kazuki Official, players can get a glimpse of the new hero’s abilities. Joy’s mechanic is unique from other heroes as her third ability can only be used when a specific condition is met.

Here is a brief summary of its capabilities;

Passive: Humph, Joy is angry!

Joy becomes “Angry!” for four seconds each time his skill deals damage to a non-minion enemy. While under this buff, she gains 100% bonus movement speed and 16% damage reduction. The effect can only be triggered once every four seconds on the same enemy.

Additionally, Joy’s basic attack deals magic damage.

Skill 1: Look, Leonin Crystal!

Joy summons a Leonine Crystal at the target location, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. The Leonine Crystal remains for a brief time and can be used as a springboard for “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!”

Skill 2: Meow, Rhythm of Joy!

Joy dashes in the targeted direction, dealing magic damage to enemies in her path. Hitting an enemy or a leonine crystal allows joy to enter “Beat Time!”

Beat measure: For 1 second, Joy is immune to crowd control effects and can re-cast this ability up to five times. If thrown again, “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” deals 60% increased Damage (stacking). Additionally, players can also turn up the volume and vibrate to Joy’s music.

Skill 3: Ha, electrifying rhythms!

This ability can only be used after Joy casts “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” 5 times in a row. Joy removes all crowd control effects on her and releases stored energy, gaining 30% increased movement speed and slow immunity for four seconds and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies 8 times over time.

Every “Meow, Rhythm of Joy!” cast to the beat increases the damage of this skill by 25%. Enemies hit multiple times by this skill take reduced damage (up to 60%).

Fans should note that the new hero is still in development. Changes can be made to her abilities, which may affect her playstyle once she is released on the regular server.

When is the new hero MLBB Joy coming out?

Moonton has yet to officially reveal Joy’s release date on the regular server. The new hero is currently only available on the MLBB Advanced Server. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

It looks like Joy’s abilities are quite complicated and might pose a challenge for players who want to try her out in matches. Nevertheless, the new hero looks fun, and players can even enjoy the unique musical rhythms of his abilities.