Longview Pastors Host Back-to-School Giveaway

New Beginnings Faith Ministry pastors have been making a difference for 22 years and counting.

LONGVIEW, Texas — Many organizations are making sure local students have all the supplies they need before the new school year begins.

But one ministry in particular, New Beginnings Faith Ministry (NBFM), goes the extra mile.

Longview ministry pastors said they wanted to do more than just donate backpacks. They plan to organize an event for the whole family.

Their annual giveaway is open to the public, where anyone can pick up backpacks full of crayons, papers, glue, and more.

“We are ensuring that every child returns to school on an equal playing field,” said Gloria Lewis, an NBFM pastor. “It starts at 10 a.m. and we want everyone to come. We have a lot to offer and everything is designed with people in mind.”

Pastors Gloria and her husband Tony Lewis have made an impact at Longview for 22 years and counting.

Parents even had to choose to pre-register to get a specific backpack with everything their child needed. These included clothes, shoes and even toys.

“We want you to go to your school and feel really good going to your campus this year because you’re dressed to succeed,” Lewis said.

This ministry goes even further than just donating supplies and clothing, they also plan to give away free haircuts and hair braiding.

“It’s all about the kids,” said Longview resident and volunteer Michelle Mimms. “Sometimes kids can’t go to a hairdresser with the price of things now. So it’s really important that every kid gets the haircut they need, or little girls get their hair done.”

Lewis said they will also donate other large items like washer-dryers and refrigerators. This gift is so much more than school supplies.

“Snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, homemade cookies, we’ve got it all,” Lewis said. “And everything is free.”

If you live in the Longview area, be sure to visit NBFM tomorrow at 10 a.m.