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By admin, 28 July, 2022

Everyone has to start somewhere!

If you’ve thought to yourself, “It’s time I started taking care of my online presence,” well, you’re not alone! But the determination to come out of the dark and take your online presence seriously can be difficult. Whether you’re a blogger, running a website, or running an online store, none of this is easy. Remember that everyone has to start somewhere, and your start today means a STRONGER YOU tomorrow.

Introducing HOSTKICKER. It is a web hosting company designed and determined to help create new websites as well as rediscover and help pre-existing websites rise from the ashes – like a phoenix!

Hostkicker acts as a digital umbrella that encompasses a plethora of FREE attributes that any website will EVER need.

There are many web hosting services in the market that attract customers with twistedly presented features as well as many hidden costs. Many newcomers get trapped in their hooks and their website suffers from high cost, narrow bandwidth, slow server speeds, time lag, limited range of features and much more .

Contrary to that, Hostkicker gives you full transparency with every feature, be it hosting plans, support, pricing, hardware, or additional features.

First of all, Hostkicker offers almost FREE web hosting for SIX MONTHS, for just $0.99. Yes, a good thing to start with. This brings you some advantages. First, you can partner with Hostkicker to test their performance for next to nothing. Second, you can save your expenses for a considerable period of six months, that is, six months. Isn’t that a bit too much? And then you can enjoy lots of premium features for free to give your website a boost. Isn’t it amazing?

Hostkicker has a variety of hosting plans that anyone can choose from, depending on their price and business needs. They offer shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS cloud hosting. Unlike any other hosting service, they offer unlimited bandwidth, amazing disk space, the best cPanel in the industry, unlimited websites, low speed web server and more than meets the eye.

The merit of Hostkicker over other hosting providers is that each hosting plan is SCALABLE. You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan depending on the NEED OF THE HOUR.

Also, in addition to premium hosting, Hostkicker comes with a domain registration feature. You can choose a domain name according to your preference and register with Hostkicker. Moreover, it allows you to transfer your existing domain name to Hostkicker. This will help you enjoy the whole service from one host, Hostkicker, but competent.

Another essential feature of Hostkicker that will promote your website’s live presence would be the location of its servers. Hostkicker’s TIER 4 data centers are located in 11 different geographic locations with over 2750 servers across five contents, from the United States to Europe to Asia. Wondering how that makes a difference?

Server locations are critical to providing stable and uninterrupted speeds for data transfer. Tight server locations can affect the pace of data transfer in more distant areas which impact your website traffic.

For example, if your website’s target audience resides in the United States and your web hosting servers are based in Asia, the data transfer speed in the United States may be slower than in Asia. In the long run, this can impact your website’s performance and user experience, and you would most certainly lose traffic.

For this reason, you should consider your host’s server location before signing up with them.

Moreover, Hostkicker offers many important features to its customers for FREE.

If you need help with registering your domain, selecting a plan, or any other Hostkicker service, you can sign in to Hostkicker’s premium support 24/7/365 for FREE. They will suggest the best one according to your business needs, ensuring you get the best service.

If you have a problem, no matter how big or small, you can contact Hostkicker premium support any time of the day or night. You can live chat with them and they will get to the bottom of the matter and fix it for you right away.

In addition, Hostkicker provides customers with the leading field-proven control panel. They can access Softaculous for automatic installation and Jetbackup for…yes, you got it right, for backups.

In addition to this, dedicated hosting and VPS members of Hostkicker can access the Webhost Manager tool which allows them to manage the back-end of multiple cPanel accounts for FREE.

Let’s move on to the web tools you’ll need to create and establish a successful website. Unlike any other web hosting provider, Hostkicker is optimized for 32+ web tools and applications including WordPress, Joomla, Dolphin, Laravel, Opencart, phpBB, WHMCS and many more. The great thing is that you don’t have to go through a step-by-step process to install them like other hosting services. You can install them with just one click. It’s as simple as they say. Just hover your mouse over the tool or app and click to install. Everything is ready. But the FREEBIES don’t stop there. There are many more online.

Now comes the save function. Although other hosting providers support this feature, Hostkicker is a step up in its backup functionality. To ensure the double security of your data, Hostkicker backs up your daily data twice a day.

So your data is even more secure with Hostkicker.

In addition to this, like others, Hostkicker provides SSL certificates for your website. So how is it different from the rest?

For sure. You can get UNLIMITED and FREE SSL certificates for each domain and subdomain without any hassle.

Additionally, other hosting providers charge a hefty amount for website migrations. With Hostkicker, you can transfer UNLIMITED websites from your old hosting provider to Hostkicker without spending a single extra penny.

Moreover, you can get free unlimited business emails if you sign up with Hostkicker. This feature is not provided by any other hosting provider in the market. You can use these professional emails for your business and build your domain brand.

Last but not least, Hostkicker has launched a NEVER SEEN BEFORE feature – Advice On Click. It is a fresh and powerful creation for Push Notification Marketing. Hostkicker offers its customers this latest premium AdviceOnClick tool at zero cost.

You can use this tool to send upcoming programs, plans, and benefits to your customers. This will help you keep traffic on your website, retain your customers, and drive more traffic to your website.

It’s more like a communication channel that is ALWAYS FREE, AD-FREE and optimized for all devices. Wow!

You can test the effectiveness of Hostkicker as mentioned here, give your website a boost by fixing the spots, increase its online presence and save your expenses as it is almost FREE for SIX MONTHS. A point to remember forever.

Around 1100+ happy customers and over 1500+ active websites are currently enjoying Hostkicker’s service. Hostkicker aims to help and assist the online community in improving their website’s online presence.

Changes bring opportunities and opportunities create history.