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New York-based IT Vortex provides trusted IT services with comprehensive data security and zero-downtime disaster recovery.

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ATHENS, GEORGIA, USA, July 18, 2022 / — The Internet continues to evolve, and digital media continues to fascinate and disrupt in many unexpected ways. As businesses increase their digital footprint with online platforms such as websites, apps, and software forming part of their day-to-day operations, there is every reason to look for a better IT service provider. Besides the actual presence of a website made accessible worldwide via the Internet, hosting a website can also be responsible for storage, turning information into shareable and actionable data assets. However, traditional hosting has certain limitations. Without enough bandwidth to keep up with growing Internet usage, meet seasonal demands, or deal with traffic spikes, traditional hosting services used by organizations or individuals can impose restrictions. To keep pace, businesses are shifting from traditional hosting to cloud hosting, beyond the obvious choice of IT service providers.

Agile cloud hosting offers complete security and reliability. Hence, it becomes necessary for organizations to hire IT companies such as IT Vortex, LLC which offer a range of solutions such as cloud hosting, disaster recovery and computer support and services.

Although no rule establishes shared hosting as less efficient, businesses using non-dedicated hosting may be more prone to their database going down or the business going offline in addition to threats to data security. If another website on the same hosting server is infected with malware or some type of virus, other websites sharing the server may go offline for security reasons. The downtime caused by this affects the business and can be avoided by moving to cloud servers.

Cloud hosting service providers like IT Vortex can help businesses migrate to cloud servers quickly and without too much downtime. In addition to cloud hosting, they also offer a computer security service and a disaster recovery service to protect corporate data and resources.

With a traditional server, receiving more traffic than expected can cause a website to become overloaded and crash or go offline. Unfortunately, this puts organizational data on the hardware or server at risk. Using a cloud hosting service means that a business website is spread across multiple data centers and servers interconnected through the cloud. They all carefully store the same data and information provided to them by the organization, ensuring that the other servers keep the website live and running, even if one server is offline. IT Vortex, LLC ensures that data recovery service to help protect customer data with their damage-proof technology.

Cloud hosting servers are scaling to allow and accommodate higher traffic and tend to offer more pay-as-you-go plans. Traditional hosting servers have fixed, flat rates, charging companies a monthly or yearly subscription. Cloud hosting presents a much more affordable and economical alternative. Users only have to pay for the resources they use on a monthly or even hourly basis. This also solves the problem of traffic drop. IT Vortex’s team of experts is experienced in the IT services industry and equipped to help businesses grow and grow in the cloud, targeting maximum customer satisfaction for all business requirements.

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Headquartered in New York, IT Vortex, LLC has data centers spread across the United States. The end-to-end service provider has a team of professional IT engineers with years of industry experience. Offering premium cloud hosting, data recovery, and IT support and security services, IT Vortex, LLC has partnered with VMWare, EMC, Mitel, Microsoft, Dell, Fortinet, Condusiv, TrendMicro and ACTi.

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