Iseek and Vault Cloud team up for QLD cloud hosting

Jason Gomersall (Iseek)

Credit: Iseek

Brisbane-based Iseek has partnered with Canberra’s Vault Cloud to provide cloud services with “protected” security clearance.

The cloud, data center and connectivity provider have claimed it will be the first locally hosted cloud in Queensland with the highest clearance to host the most sensitive data.

Iseek said he hopes to serve clients in defense, aviation, banking, mining, healthcare, elderly care, as well as state government.

“The pandemic has shifted focus to what we see as critical infrastructure and our data and data systems are now clearly seen as critical infrastructure,” said Iseek Founder and CEO Jason Gomersall.

“Through our engagement with our government and corporate clients, we discovered that there is a real need for a protected cloud in the Queensland market. And, more importantly, something that has been hosted in Queensland.

Queensland organizations previously had to source their protected cloud services from providers hosted outside the state, Gomersall said.

While Iseek will provide hosting, Vault Cloud specializes in high security data services to manage and store classified data.

Powered by Vault, Iseek’s infrastructure will initially be hosted from its Eagle Farm campus, with future plans for expansion to its Townsville data center.

“The future of the protected cloud will be growth,” said Rupert Taylor-Price, CEO of Vault Cloud.

“Today, the protected cloud is widely used in government, but as more cybersecurity events occur, other sectors and industries are starting to take an interest in it as well.

“The impact on the confidence of that business or that part of government or the government as a whole if something goes wrong and their systems are compromised can obviously be catastrophic. ”

Overseen by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), the IRAP authorization has recently been reformed to allow individual federal agencies to self-certify their solutions.

The move meant that cloud service providers (CSPs) no longer needed CCAA certification and instead needed IRAP reviews every two years.

Queensland’s announcement comes more than a year after Iseek first achieved IRAP protected status, leveraging its North Queensland regional data center and partnership with the QCN data link network owned by the state government.

It also comes three months after Amber Infrastructure bought a controlling stake in Iseek.

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