Is Origin down? How to check server status

Origin, the online gaming service owned and operated by Electronic Arts, is home to fan-favorite games such as The Sims franchise, the Fifa franchise, and more. With any platform hosting a plethora of beloved games, sometimes there are issues that plague it.

Around any big launch day, Origin will sometimes have issues with loading screens or updating games to download and install. This may trick you into thinking it’s on Origin’s side, but you should probably make sure it’s not your device or the internet that’s causing the issues.

Here’s how to check Origin’s server status.

Is Origin down? How to check server status

If something goes wrong, the main solution is usually to wait for more people to give up or enter their game and stop using the launcher. However, to check if Origin is down, the first thing you need to do is access the app itself. Sometimes loading screens will take longer around the launch of a new game, but that only takes a few minutes to resolve, and your game will probably already be downloading in the background while Origin is sorting itself out.

The other way to check if Origin is down is to head to Downdetector. This website is used for many services hosted on web-based platforms to notify the public if there is a problem with the service. Users can also report their own issues to help others determine if there are issues.

Most Origin issues are resolved within minutes. Those who seek answers will also sometimes find that the Original Twitter account shares when issues are significant enough to warrant a public message. This will likely only be in the event that the issues aren’t due to launching a game, so if you’re having persistent issues for more than a few minutes, checking that can also help shed some light on what’s going on.