IONOS Launches New Virtual Private Server For Faster Application Response

Cloud and Web hosting the firm IONOS has unveiled a virtual private server (VPS) Consisting of virtual cores (vCPUs), direct-attached NVMe memory and storage for rapid application response.

The company says its IONOS Cloud Cubes allow users to achieve maximum flexibility across multiple workloads with cost-effective, on-demand scalability.

He adds that IONOS Cloud Cubes was created to simplify project development, allowing users to merge test environments with production resources to implement system changes.

Along with this, regular backups and enterprise level system restore help to deal with the most demanding situations.


IONOS Cloud Cubes are fully integrated with the IONOS Cloud offering, which means that the new compute capacity is combined directly with all IONOS Cloud services, such as Compute Engine.

It works by default with an NVMe volume attached, which can be expanded with HDD or SSD network block storage as needed.

As a result, users can easily automate them through IONOS cloud configuration management tools, SDKs and natively through CloudAPI or provision them quickly through the Data Center Designer GUI.

“Due to their great value for money, Cloud Cubes are a smart alternative for non-critical workloads,” said Felix Grundmann, Head of Product Management at IONOS Cloud.

“For example, it can be used for development environments, for testing and staging, or for simple web applications. “

IONOS Cloud Cubes are available in six different configurations, which are billed according to consumption.

The company revealed that IONOS Cloud Cubes can be used in public and private local networks, as well as in combination with Managed NAT Gateway or Managed Network Load Balancer network functionality. It can also be tailored to individual needs by Network Block Storage (HDD as well as SSD).

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