Introducing Devrims – A User-Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

By admin, 8 December, 2021

SANTA ANA, California, December 8, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Devrims – a managed cloud hosting platform has just announced its global launch and officially enters the managed cloud hosting industry bringing advanced and revolutionary features that can change the gives for the industry.

The newcomer to the web hosting industry claims that its platform is designed with the adaptation and rapid integration of future technologies in mind. Devrims promises scalability and smooth one-click integration, which sets it apart from its competition. Devrims is quite capable of rapidly deploying new changes and providing the ability to use new development technologies with one click on users’ preferred cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean).

The managed cloud hosting provider offers its users full flexibility by allowing them to install their desired TECH stacks and several additional services like MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc. in a server according to their unique set of requirements. The platform’s one-click feature automatically installs, configures and optimizes stacks and TECH services based on application type and version. The platform’s auto-suggest feature is beneficial for non-technical users to build and manage the server and host their websites with just a few clicks.

“While meeting the various technological requirements of our previous customers to host their web applications on a cloud server according to their specific requirements, we have always felt the industry’s need for a hosting platform where users decide. specifics of a web hosting environment. best suited to their web applications. A hosting platform that enables users to build and deploy scalable, reliable and highly available cloud servers with the ability to automatically install, configure and optimize different TECH stacks for web application deployment; that’s why we developed Devrims. “- said the founder and CEO of Devrims, Atiq Uz Zama

The US-based managed cloud hosting provider says freedom and flexibility are at the heart of its product, allowing users to build a web hosting environment that they deem workable for their web applications, contradicting the freedom that existing web hosting providers lack by offering pre-configured services, leaving little or no room for the end user to choose what is best for them.

Devrims empowers users by giving them the freedom to use technology without any limitations. It gives users the ability to host an unlimited number of applications on a server and simultaneously use different versions of PHP for other applications on the same server. Devrims users can install additional services like choose their preferred server level caching services, create unlimited databases, add unlimited domain names in one app, free SSL certificate for each domain name added in users’ web applications, and more.

Devrims also offers 24/7 technical chat support, ticket support, and free website migration per server.

With its new PaaS (Platform-as-a-service), Devrims announced in its blog that it is offering every new user a free 6-day trial. Their pay-as-you-go pricing model is convenient and straightforward. End user is only billed based on server usage on an hourly basis at the end of the month at no additional cost.

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