How AWS Cloud Hosting Can Help an Ecommerce Business Bloom

By admin, 13 December, 2021

Cloud computing has been making waves for quite some time now, due to its huge benefits. This trend hasn’t bypassed the ecommerce world either, so there has been a definite shift from traditional hosting to cloud hosting. For this reason, it is not surprising that there are a variety of cloud hosting service offerings. One of the most popular solutions is Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting.

Here are the reasons why AWS has become a market leader and how it can help e-commerce businesses grow.

The ability to handle high traffic

Since ecommerce businesses rely on their website to attract customers and make the sale, the speed at which their site and pages load is vital. A slow website can deter potential customers, jeopardizing the success of your e-commerce business. The main culprit for website crashes and slow page loads is usually traffic congestion. For a growing business, this is inevitable, because more customers equals more traffic. This is where AWS cloud hosting comes in handy, due to its scalability. Scalability refers to the ability to scale up or down. Therefore, in times of high demand, you can scale, that is, add more resources to the existing server, thereby increasing the speed of your website. When the traffic calms down, you can always remove these resources. This means you won’t have to worry about your site crashing or loading at rocket speed, and your business in turn suffers.

Time saving attributes

One of the advantages of AWS cloud hosting services is their ease of use, as the application hosting the platform is easily accessible through the AWS Management Console or application programming interfaces (APIs). This form of cloud hosting can be quick because it’s easy to navigate, which means there isn’t a long learning curve to go before you can use it successfully.

You can also opt for managed AWS cloud services, which would allow you to go even further in your time saving. What makes this possible is the fact that the service provider takes care of issues like security and maintenance of hardware and software. Besides this practical advantage, there are many other advantages of managed cloud hosting services.

Autonomy to make choices

As a business owner, you probably like having the autonomy to make decisions about how you run your business. When it comes to website hosting, you might not always have the flexibility to make your own choices. However, AWS cloud hosting offers flexibility, allowing you to select the features you want. You can choose programming language, operating system, database, web application platform, etc. Additionally, you can install or update any software package using the AWS Systems Manager console. Hence, this web hosting option can meet a variety of eCommerce business owners, with different needs and wants, as it is highly customizable.

Cost reduction thanks to an affordable price

In order to ensure that your costs do not exceed your income, besides mastering techniques to increase ecommerce conversion rate, you need to be mindful of your spending. Keeping the inevitable capital costs of businesses to a minimum is the key to any business success. Your choice of type of web hosting service will greatly determine your profitability. A huge benefit of AWS cloud hosting is that there are no binding contracts and you pay strictly for your usage. You get a contract-free service and you can choose whether you want to be billed by the hour or pay a fixed monthly price. Not only that, but AWS offers short-term free trials, a 12-month free tier, and an always-free tier. So, you have plenty of options to test AWS functionality before you decide to invest, and the Always Free tier can dramatically lower your costs, in case you were eligible for it. Therefore, you receive high quality services while saving money.

Since in the world of ecommerce instead of a physical store there is a virtual store, it needs to be hosted somewhere on the web. Choosing the right web hosting service is crucial because the whole business depends on it. As you can see, AWS cloud hosting can be a viable choice for those looking for an affordable and stable option.