Fresh Start for Women Organizing the Freedom Today Event

Fresh Start for Women is hosting a Freedom event today at 5:30 p.m. on its campus. Independence Bank is sponsoring the event, which includes clothing concessions and sales, live music, bouncy houses and free fireworks.

The nonprofit exists to help women who need a helping hand to overcome obstacles such as domestic violence and substance abuse. The facility includes a 12-unit apartment complex and three adjoining houses to help its mission of providing low-cost housing and “community” support to women trying to find their way into this world.

The Freedom event is just one of many fundraisers that make the organization thrive. They also recently accepted a scholarship from the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.

Board member Carol Adkins and Cindy Hudson traveled to Madisonville to accept the grant, valued at $2,499. The group intends to use the funds to upgrade appliances for families in the Fresh Start community.

“We could not provide this support to improve the lives of Kentucky citizens without the generosity of Kentucky Colonels,” Hudson said.

For more information on the nonprofit, visit their website here.

The organization also recently hired its first full-time CEO and has several projects underway. Learn more about it here.