Fall Guys Down? Check server status

Are the Fall Guys servers currently down? Fall Guys, the adorably cute and addictive platformer, has just gone free alongside its release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. This has resulted in a massive influx of new players across all platforms, putting enormous pressure on Fall Guy’s servers. In this article, we’ll regularly update the current status of Fall Guys, as well as any scheduled updates, maintenance, current outages, and more.

What is the current status of the Fall Guys servers?

Are the Fall Guys servers down?

As of this writing, June 21, 2022, the Fall Guys servers are experiencing various issues. Players are reporting failed login attempts, authentication errors, loading screen stuck, and more. A large number of new players are currently trying to play the game. Due to this, the servers are overloaded and simply cannot accommodate this number of concurrent players. We expect the situation to slowly return to normal as the pressure on the servers eases.

Also, if the servers are offline, it could be due to several factors. The game may have an update to roll out, which may require a few hours of downtime. The developers may be doing planned maintenance, and that’s why Fall Guys is offline. Also, the cause may simply be within the servers themselves, and it needs to be fixed.

How to Check Fall Guys Server Status

The best way to stay informed about the current status of the Fall Guys server is to follow the game official Twitter account. There the developers will always share the latest information about the current state of the game. If there is a new update, you will learn about it there. If there is any problem, the developers will give updates about it there. And, of course, you can always come back to this article, as it will be regularly updated with the status of the Fall Guys server.