Dark Souls 3 Private Server Announces Tournament for May 22

A Dark Souls 3 private server has announced that it will hold a PvP tournament on May 22, 2022. Since an RCE exploit was found in Dark Souls 3, Bandai Namco and From Software have also shut down online PC servers for the game .like previous titles in the Dark Souls series, until they find a solution.

But with the resounding success of Elden Ring, it looks like both of these companies are currently preoccupied with managing numerous issues, exploits, and balance tweaks in order to accommodate their largest player base yet.

For longtime fans of the Dark Souls series, the news that the servers have gone dark without a clearly defined plan to restore them has been devastating. Fans have continuously shown their support for older titles in the series.

A notable example is how they fixed performance and connectivity issues for the popular Prepare To Die edition of the first PC port of Dark Souls. They even generated enough excitement to stop Atlus from shutting down Demon’s Souls servers in 2012, keeping the game’s online community alive well into 2018.

Although Bandai Namco has announced plans to bring Dark Souls 3 PC servers back online, fans aren’t holding their breath. Instead, a large fan base has started running private servers alongside the Blue Sentinel anti-cheat mod in order to safely resume online play.

Speaking from my own experience, I can say that this solution works just as well as the authentic Dark Souls 3 online experience for co-op summons and PvP invasions; all that’s missing is the large community of players.

If you want to participate in the Dark Souls 3 Private Server Tournament, you just need to install the Blue Sentinel mod and download the latest version of the Dark Souls 3 Open Server project from Github.

Then all you have to do is join the Dark Souls 3 Discord Open Server channel (this invite link will be valid until the day of the tournament) and react to the message from moderator River if you want to participate.

Currently, there are no defined SL limits for fighters; instead, you will be paired with another player from your current SL. The tournament is scheduled for May 22 at 10:00 a.m. EST. Here is the current banlist:

Dark Souls 3 Private Server Ban List

  • Orange Estus, Divine Blessing, Hidden Blessing, Siegbrau
  • All forms of cheats, third-party software (such as Cheat Engine or Macros), and modifications that impact PvP
  • All glitches/exploits (including RKSS RC and Pivot Cancel)
  • All forms of passive HP regeneration.
  • All healing miracles (except Lifehunt Scythe).
  • Heat.
  • All two-handed fast curved swords (Sellsword/Warden twin swords and one-handed fast curved swords are allowed)
  • Use of Quickstep weapon art (use of weapons that have Quickstep is allowed as long as Quickstep itself is not used)
  • All forms of perseverance, including Dragonhead Greatshield WA.
  • Scythe of the Troubled Hand
  • Harp
  • Great Corvian Knife
  • influx of fire
  • Homing Soulmass
  • A maximum of six explosive bolts can be used.
  • A maximum of three Ashen Estus can be consumed.

Although the current Dark Souls 3 Online player base is small, events like these can spark interest and hopefully bring it back from the brink of oblivion.

Hopefully this Dark Souls 3 Private Server Tournament will generate enough interest among players to inspire future tournaments and help rebuild the online community around one of the best online action RPGs ever made.

Dark Souls 3, is available for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. In case you missed it, you can find our review for Dark Souls III here