Best Email Hosting Services for Small and Medium Businesses

What marketing strategies are the world’s largest companies employing? People are likely to think that they are only using social media marketing, paid advertising campaigns, mobile push notifications, and even SMS marketing techniques. And people also think email marketing is something brands did in the early days of digital marketing, when people used AOL to check their mail and only a few people used Hotmail and Gmail. But this is not true ! Large businesses and small businesses still rely heavily on email marketing techniques for the activation of new products, the introduction of new offers, and the information of dedicated subscribers about discounts. Email has never gone out of style and small businesses know it very well. It’s one of the most economical ways to send notifications to registered users, and more importantly, businesses can rank mailing lists based on consumer demographics. It allows them to send different emails to different users of different categories. Email has evolved considerably over the past 40 years. Business email hosting services are different from personal email services. Since businesses need to send mass emails, handle different scheduled email deliveries, track email open rates, and monitor responses in real time, small businesses need a reliable, customizable and cost-effective email service provider.

What are the factors that determine good email hosting services?

Email hosting is the service that allows the user to send and receive emails over networks, while the email client (or app) you are using typically allows you to read and send ‘write e-mails. Choosing the first email hosting for a business might not be easy. When shopping for email hosting services, here are the three things you should look for:

  • Web hosting as part of shared web hosting

Many web hosting partners also offer email hosting services. If you are looking for web hosting plans for your small business or freelance business, be sure to check out their email hosting services as well.

  • Self-hosted messaging services

Private hosting can be the expensive alternative to shared hosting, but you can host your email service privately instead of using a third-party service. If you can handle the extra costs of maintaining servers and employing system administrators, self-hosted email services are the best way to go about it.

Third-party email hosts usually provide additional services at reduced costs. Third-party email service subscriptions typically come with other tools, including built-in video conferencing, team project sharing platforms, chat options, shared contacts, and email scheduling options.

Perfect Email Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Here are nine of the best email hosting services that small businesses around the world use for marketing and communication:

Office 365

Office 365 is the go-to email hosting service for any small business that uses a mix of Microsoft apps. Whether your employees rely heavily on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or regularly use SharePoint, Skype, and OneNote applications, your business will benefit from the functionality that Office 365 offers. It provides a platform that can unify functions. and the functionality of almost any Microsoft Application at a competitive subscription price.

G Suite

G Suite is the one stop solution for all startups and SMBs that want to keep important business data in the cloud. If your business infrastructure relies on cloud-based tools for regular functions, then G Suite should be your email host of choice.

The various tools provided by G Suite include contacts, shared contacts, email, calendar, file storage and sharing, voice and video conferencing options, team chat, internal social network, instant messaging, file editing and collaboration, intranet and tasks.

Rack space

If your business already has the best web host, all you need is a dedicated email hosting service. In this case, you should always check Rackspace. This dedicated email hosting service comes with several tools with the monthly subscription.

Rackspace offers two great options for all users: Hosted Exchange and Email Hosting. Email hosting service has all the tools and services needed to manage a team’s emails, contacts, and calendars. Advanced messaging features like shared calendars, contacts, archiving tools, and push emails come with the hosted version of Microsoft Exchange.


If your business wants to create email accounts for its customers, you don’t need to look any further than IceWarp. It provides the user with the necessary tools to manage multiple email accounts and addresses across multiple domains. He is a supporter of the white label. Therefore, you can add your company logo and headers to your customers’ webmail accounts. It provides users with contacts, team chat, instant messaging, calendar, email, file editing, file storage, tasks, file sharing, voice and video conferencing to budgetary costs.


Greatmail is the best low cost email hosting for small businesses that require minimal functionality. Greatmail offers the most basic hosting services as well as custom domain addresses. It has two plans for subscribers – Standard plan and Greatmail’s Groupware plan. It is a very cost effective email hosting service for businesses looking for just a few features.


FastMail comes with customizable storage options at manageable costs. It is an email hosting service that focuses on all the essential elements of email hosting services including contacts, calendars, and events. The standard plan is the Basic FastMail subscription plan which includes 25 GB of storage space, push email notifications, calendar, contacts, and a custom domain. Small businesses typically go for the professional plan which provides businesses with 100 GB of storage space per user.

Intermediate exchange email

Intermediate exchange email

Are you not happy with your current email host? Are you looking for a new one? Then you should consider Intermedia Exchange Email. This mail host uses Microsoft Exchange for migrating work mail to a new host. Hence, it comes with some added value features including calendars and shared contacts. This is a great option for small to medium-sized businesses as it gives the user unlimited mailbox storage even with the most budget plans.

Zoho workplace

You can think of Zoho Workplace as the Zoho version of Office 365. It is similar to G-Suite and has several features including shared contacts, office suite, spreadsheets, collaboration platforms, Cliq for team communication and schedules. Zoho is a modern service provider with a social networking twist on messaging services. You might find its admin panel a bit complex or even intimidating, if you are a newbie. However, small businesses with only five or fewer employees can get Zoho Business Email Hosting service for free!


Bluehost is ideal for all SMBs that want email hosting service, web hosting, and email client all in one package. It offers free domain and site creation services as well as email hosting services. With 24/7 technical support, Bluehost is an economically feasible choice for almost any small business that aspires to be successful.

When getting the business email hosting provider for your business, always compare their prices, customization options, spam filtering options, attachment limits, maximum number of accounts supported, technical support, storage space, uptime guarantee and applications (desktop and mobile).

Email hosting services: lots of good choices

Go for the email host that offers the most features at competitive prices. Always read their reviews carefully before believing their claims. It will help you find the best services at the best prices.

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