Are you having a house party for the New Year? Check these 5 things to be the perfect host

This past year has been a roller coaster ride, it’s optimism that keeps us going every year. There are some amazing things on the cards for the coming year – and that’s reason enough to celebrate. With another New Years Eve, amid concerns of the new variant of COVID-19[female[feminine, Omicron, citizens are encouraged to respect the guidelines and practice social distancing.

This holiday season, as you prepare to call your friends and guests, be sure to take all sanitary precautions. One of the most memorable moments of the end of the year is a house party full of fun and frolics. As you celebrate the New Year with your best friends and loved ones, here are 5 must-haves that you should include on your checklist and tick them off:

Music system

Mixed in with an elegant appearance, owning soundbars is perfect for setting the mood for times like these. Not only do they add a niche touch to your living room and TV, but these minimalist wireless soundbars are also a must have for a complete entertainment experience playing all of the best hits of the year. You can rock your guests like no one else, because the music sets the mood.

Party furniture

The best of parties offers a spacious arrangement for guests to walk, hang out, chat, dance and socialize with new people. While food and drink can sometimes be the driving force behind a party, it’s best to set up tiny mixing stations in the living room and kitchen for everyone to mix. Movable furniture such as stools, ottomans and serving carts can be perfectly matched without taking up a lot of space.


Throwing a party is fun but also a huge responsibility, making sure all your guests have a good time and receive a quality welcome. With the best of food and drink, your kitchen sink is at risk of crowding after the party is over. So if you haven’t invested in one yet, now is the time to finally go for that dishwasher that won’t just be a savior for the New Year. A hassle-free, noise-free and fast machine, it cleans the most stubborn stains from the fattest Indian curries. What’s even better is that the dishwasher not only cleans the utensils, but also dries them at the end of the wash cycle.

Play station

One way to spice up your party is to add a play station to your party. Not only will the party light up with enthusiasm for a game night, but it will surely make the party more exciting. You can go for a game of poker, other cards, and board games, or you can take your console games up a notch. Competitive yet fun video games are sure to make some noise at your party. If you don’t own a console gaming set, you’re missing out on a major fun.

Personalize memories

As you celebrate the past year and create some of the best memories on the last day of the year, be sure to capture those memories. Set up a photo-ready nook with warm lighting and enough space for group photos. Make it unforgettable for your guests by personalizing the memories with a Polaroid. With an aesthetic backdrop, give your guests a reason to remember the liveliest New Years party you’ve ever had.