Application Server Market to Hit a Valuation of $40.96

Westford, USA, Sep 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As the world continues to become more digital, enterprises are increasingly looking for application servers that can facilitate large-scale web and mobile deployments. The growth of global application server market is only expected to increase in the coming years as market players find new ways to stay competitive.

There is a growing demand for application servers and companies are rushing to invest in these technologies to meet the needs of their customers. Application servers are now essential for any business that depends on web applications, as well as traditional desktop applications. This demand in the global application server market is driven by the popularity of cloud-based services and the need for businesses to reduce their IT costs. Many companies are looking for solutions that allow them to use existing hardware and software infrastructure while offloading some of the processing load to a third party. This can be especially beneficial for companies that have limited resources or can’t afford to hire additional IT staff.

To meet this growing demand, vendors in the application server market are investing in new product lines and innovation. For example, IBM launched its Bluemix platform in 2018, which makes it easier for developers to build cloud-based applications using IBM’s Hypervisor technology. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has also made significant investments in its applied data science platform, which provides databases and analytics capabilities for application development.

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Why are companies rapidly turning to application services?

There are a number of reasons why companies are turning to the application server market. On the one hand, these systems can help speed up web and mobile deployments by handling the heavy lifting required to run complex applications. Additionally, application servers provide reliability and security benefits that can be invaluable to organizations that depend on their websites and applications for success.

Today, web applications are increasingly used to replace desktop applications. Additionally, companies are finding that application servers are a more efficient way to manage their software infrastructure than traditional hosting providers. This is because application servers offer better performance and reliability than traditional hosting providers.

SkyQuest in the global application server market has found that most companies use the product to configure and run multiple applications simultaneously without slowing down. This means businesses can use application servers to run their business apps, as well as their own personal websites and apps.

Additionally, there is the growing demand from cloud service providers for application servers. Cloud service providers want to use application servers so they can provide customers with a scalable infrastructure. By using an application server, a cloud service provider can reduce the time and effort required to set up a new service.

SkyQuest Application Server Market report offers insights on market dynamics, opportunities, trends, challenges, threats, price analysis, average spend per user, top spenders by company , consumer behavior, market impact, competitive landscape and market share analysis.

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High Ransomware Risk in Application Server Infrastructure Poses a Challenge

Over the past few years, the global application server market has seen around 129 major attacks against application server infrastructure. The growing risk of cyberattacks on application servers is something businesses need to be aware of and they are a key part of many organizations, and when attacked can open up many opportunities for criminals. Cyber ​​risks to application servers have increased in recent years as attackers have become increasingly adept at targeting these systems. At the same time, businesses increasingly depend on these systems to deliver critical services, making them targets for hackers. In 2021, on average, a ransomware attack would cost around $17,000 to hack an application server.

SkyQuest recently conducted a survey of the application server market to understand the frequency and cyber attack information of 150 large and 150 small companies. In this context, it has been observed that 13% of the organizations surveyed have suffered at least one cyberattack in the past two years. Small businesses were at least 200% more susceptible to cyberattacks. More than 26% of these organizations suffered two or more attacks during this period. Additionally, 44% of those same organizations said their cybersecurity capabilities were insufficient to respond to the attacks they experienced. According to our findings, 88% of all detected data breaches started with stolen or illegally accessed user credentials.

Top Cyber ​​Attacks in the Application Server Market

  • In September 2022, TikTok fell prey to a cyberattack, which exposed the private data of over 2 billion users
  • In July 2022, Cleartrip suffered a customer data breach and filed a lawsuit in September 2022
  • In July 2022, Policy Bazar faced a network security incident

SkyQuest released a report on the global application server market. The report provides a detailed analysis of cyberattacks on application server consumers and their overall performance. The report also offers valuable insights into the top players and their key moves to avoid such attacks.

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Key players in the global application server market

  • Microsoft Corporation (USA)
  • IBM Corporation (USA)
  • Oracle Corporation (USA)
  • TIBCO Software Inc. (USA)
  • Apache Software Foundation (USA)
  • Fujitsu Group (Japan)
  • VMware, Inc. (USA)
  • NEC Corporation (Japan)
  • SAP SE (Germany)
  • Wipro (India)
  • Adobe Systems Inc. (USA)
  • iWay Software (US)
  • Pega Systems (USA)
  • CA Technologies (USA)
  • Nastel Technologies (USA)
  • Lexmark (US)
  • F5 Networks, Inc. (USA)
  • Dell Technologies, Inc. (USA)
  • HostBridge (US)

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