AdButler launches contextual ad server to challenge major ad revenue loss

The news was released during AdMonsters 2022, an event held in St. Petersburg, Florida, showcasing the latest developments in ad technology and featuring discussions on various digital advertising topics – including a major browser update. Google Chrome which is configured to disable third-party cookies. by early 2023.

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Following Google’s initial announcement to remove third-party cookies, research has indicated that around 83% of marketers still rely on third-party cookies, with 51% saying they think cookies are “very important ” in the composition of the majority of their strategies.

Additionally, a 2019 Google forecast estimates that ad revenue could drop by up to 52% for the top 500 global publishers – with publishers reporting revenue losses of up to 40% following a similar post. of Apple’s ITP 2.X update. for the Safari browser.

Rajiv Khaneja, Founder and CEO of AdButler commented, “The ad tech industry is fast moving and complicated. Many marketers are still unaware that features such as retargeting, frequency capping, and audience expansions all rely on third-party cookies. There’s a mandatory pivot coming, and a lot of brands aren’t ready to take the leap.

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There are alternatives to advertising methods that rely on third-party cookies, including contextual tagging, which allows ads to be targeted to contextually relevant content.
The latest version of AdButler enables publishers and ad networks to automatically manage the contextual keyword tagging process for thousands of pages, including user-generated ones on social platforms, by deploying a solution powered by AI on their web properties.

In addition to tagging each page, the software will track ad performance on each page, enabling AI-powered campaign optimization over time.
The new contextual markup solution is directly integrated into AdButler’s ad serving suite, which includes a demand-independent SSP component, self-service ad portal hosting, and a comprehensive multi-format ad server.

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