50+ ACTIVE LIVING: the center is hosting a fun day on April 8 for new and existing members

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There’s a Twitter feed that I like to watch called “Kids Without the Internet”. (Yes, I appreciate the irony of using the internet to watch these videos!) It’s a good reminder of the ingenious ways kids can find to keep themselves entertained when there’s no computer involved. I remember the fun we had as kids in the pre-internet days. My siblings, cousins, and I spent long summer hours outdoors doing all sorts of things, from recreating scenes from Star Trek and Bonanza to splash fights at the swimming hole. . Poor grandma not only had a bunch of rambunctious children to corral, but she also frequently dealt with poison ivy, assorted scrapes and cuts, splinters and bloodsuckers.

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Rainy days saw many indoor games played, including endless card games and cribbage. One of our favorites was crokinole. We had an old board with a few broken center pegs (replaced with an assortment of jury-rigged infills) and the buttons were kept in a purple Crown Royal bag. I know someone whose childhood board developed a mysterious BB hole. If you’ve never played this amazing game, or would like to renew your knowledge, why not come to the Pembroke 50+ Active Living Center on Friday, April 8 for an afternoon of fun and refreshments from 1 p.m. . We’ll have the Crokinole board set up (a good one) as well as other games to try. This will also be an opportunity for you to renew your $25 annual membership or register for the first time. You will be amazed at the variety of activities available and each subscription purchased entitles you to participate in draws for door prizes. In order to make this event as safe as possible, masks will be required and regular COVID protocols will be followed.

A few ideas were suggested for new programming, including a monthly craft day where you could bring any kind of crafts (and your lunch) for some of that in-person social interaction we’ve been craving, euchre with four or six hands during the day or in the evening, drawing group, oil/acrylic initiation and table tennis. If any of them interest you or if you have other ideas, please let the office know.

The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program continues as a free clinic for low-income individuals and families. Please call the center (613-735-1226) to determine if you qualify.

Easter is fast approaching (April 17). I heard of a guy who walked out of church on a Sunday to find the pastor shaking hands with the parishioners. The pastor grabbed the parishioner by the hand, pulled him aside and said, “You must join the army of the Lord! The parishioner replied, “I am already in the Army of the Lord. The minister asked, “How come I only see you at Christmas and Easter?” The guy whispered to her, “I’m in the secret service.

Stay smart and stay safe everyone!