join us for influence the development of the next generation of scientific and medical technologies. We are looking for professionals who actively conduct research, development or manufacturing activities in life sciences, clinical care and trials or other related disciplines. We also invite graduate and postdoctoral students to join us. OurRead More →

MetaCell specializes in the design of custom software services for the pharmaceutical industry, the health sector and academic researchers. In doing so, MetaCell helps its customers overcome difficult information management issues they have struggled with with their IT departments and with large service providers like Amazon and Google. MetaCell CloudRead More →

Umbrel, an operating system (OS) specifically designed to run a Bitcoin node, Lightning Network node, and other self-hosted applications on a Raspberry Pi, today announced a partnership with node hardware maker Bitcoin The Bitcoin Machines to offer a plug-and-play to the Umbrel server solution. “The server features a beautiful all-aluminumRead More →

Jason Gomersall (Iseek) Credit: Iseek Brisbane-based Iseek has partnered with Canberra’s Vault Cloud to provide cloud services with “protected” security clearance. The cloud, data center and connectivity provider have claimed it will be the first locally hosted cloud in Queensland with the highest clearance to host the most sensitive data.Read More →